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Saltwated creek fishing | Category: Fishing Talk

Hingol 1 year ago

The day before st about 12 midnight, the tide was rising.. casted with live nudskippers as bait and caught two pretty good size Jacks. Do lures work at night? Should the lures be cast with the current or against it? There is a moon cycle where for six days very fast and the next six days slow, which of the cycle would be best to fish,?
I have attached a picture of a lure that I made myself what is your opinion?

itsaboat 1 year ago

Hi Hingol,

That looks like a nice lure. Did you make it out of wood?

Yes, lures work at night. In fact you can get glow in the dark lures for just that purpose. I say glow in the dark because I cannot spell fluorescent

A lot of soft plastic lures are fluorescent. You can also get lures with flashing LED lights. Some work by electrolysis, so no batteries needed.

As for current, it depends on the fish you are after and the type of lure you are using. That lure you have made would work against the current. You can cast down stream and let the current flow "work" the lure...It will look like a bait fish swimming against the current.

Some fish will expect the bait to come with the flow, whilst other fish will expect the bait to swim against the flow.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Hingol 1 year ago

Hi ista, yes it is a wooden lure and I put melted lead in two holes that I drilled at the back bottom. So, when the lure is left floating, the head is higher. I covered it with florescent sticking plastic then coloured it before applying epoxy. Lot of hard work went into it but it cost me not more than a dime. I hope to try it next week. HOW SHOULD THIS LURE BE WORKED?

Wonder if it will work on dented, Jack's, barracuda and baramundi. Since the sea is extraordinarily rough, I've chosen the saltwater creeks.

I have a selected choice of lures the photos of which I will be sending to you for advice in my next message.

itsaboat 1 year ago

Since it has no bib, I would say it is a surface lure. I would work it like a popper but with less pop. With no bib it will not dive more than a foot or so.

If you drilled holes, then it would be a single, sold piece of wood ??

Usually the wire is all one length. Two pieces of wood with a groove to take the wire, then glued together with epoxy. Then carved to shape. That makes the line hoop attached to the hook hoops...otherwise the hooks will just pull out.

Nice looking lure though.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Hingol 1 year ago

The stainless steel wire for hooks etc is one piece. The wooden lure was made one piece and hell of a lot of work to pull the hard steel wire through. I am thinking of adding a small lip

Donnie3469 1 year ago

Just a question,where do fish salt water creeks