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Missed a beauty | Category: Fishing Talk

John Wenitong 5 months ago

A warning for all fisherman/women Tool my granddaughter & son out fishing first time for a few years because of injuries etc. Threw out a hand-line from the boot of me car hoping for a Mackie or similar pelagic. Handline diod the dance across the jetty & son grabbed it & brought in a 15-20lb GT [Golden Trevally] - fought to a standstill then attempted to pull him up to us only to lose him halfway up as there was a weak area in the 40lb line [didn't check it DOH!]! Beautiful fish lost to not checking & not realizing there was a ladder we could have climbed down to grab the lovely Sob! Still crying lol

itsaboat 5 months ago

Follow these basic rules and it will never happen again...

Never take your grand kids fishing...Get someone else to take them like their grand mother or uncle...That way you will all ways have someone else to blame AND of course, you can claim that prize fish would not have got away if you were there !!

Never let other people especially kids use your gear...They will break it and when they do break it they will blame you. Tell them to use someone elses gear like their fathers or their uncles.

Then when they get home and tell you all about the one that got away, you can respond with...Why didn't you use the ladder? If I was there I would have used the ladder and landed that fish...

haha works for me

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !