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Drone fishing rig set up | Category: Fishing Talk

Damiendel88 10 months ago

hi just wondering what you drone fishing experts use as your favourite rig set up I use a dropper loop set up with 5 hooks and breakout sinker. I’d like to try out some different methods.


Mark Totzke 10 months ago

Hi Damien,

O another drone fisher. What kind of drone do you have?

I usually only use two dropper hooks and a breakout sinker or just a torpedo sinker if there's not much current.
That seems to work best.
I also successfully used a running rig with a whole pilchard at the end and a light ball sinker. I just slowly reeled it in to cover ground.

I use a surfcasting rod with a big reel that holds about 600 meters braid. I fly my baits out to about 300 - 400 meters and if I don't get bites, I reel them in a few meters at a time with long pauses.
With the braided line I can feel bites on this distance and know when something happens. Makes it more exciting in my opinion.


a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
Damiendel88 10 months ago

Hi Mark

I use a dji phantom 4. What do you use ?
With a tld25 with about 650m of 40lb braid on a surf casting rod and fly out about 500M I also have a second surfcasting rod that I fly out about 200M our I use it just to cast from the beach something.

Mark Totzke 10 months ago

I have a phantom 3 and a Shimano baitcaster 12000.
Haven't used it for a few months as I was travelling and just got back. Just about to charge up the batteries and have a go.

One thing I was planning to do this year is to fly out some kingfish lures and then reel them in really fast.
Catching as kingie that way could be quiet exciting.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
Damiendel88 10 months ago

Sounds like a good plan let me know how you go I’ll might try the same. good luck