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Bloody Fishing | Category: Fishing Talk

Madfisha 13 years ago

Yesterday I took the advice from fishingreminder which said a good day for fishing between (Major time) 1430-1630hrs 22nd Jan for my area. So I loaded my gear into the car and headed off. With fresh Pilchards for bait I decided to target Snapper and Pinkies. I tried every trick I know and a couple of ideas that I had to bring home something, nothing bloody worked I ended up with one decent bite for the whole day. My question is, 'When are the fish going to learn to read English so they can obey the rules!!!?':laugh:

DannyPalomar 13 years ago

LOL Great post! Well hey, you gotta make sure you actually FIND them first. If your staring at a school of fish and they arent biting and a suppossed "hot" time, then something is wrong. I tend to deter fish from miles away. They can smell the hunger . . . .