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The most beautiful beach in New Zealand | Category: Fishing Talk

dazzling79 1 year ago

Guys~! How are you holding up on your side of the world?

We went on a day trip to Wharariki beach in New Zealand. It's on the top of the South Island. Voted one of the most beautiful beaches in NZ.
It's late autumn here so the weather got cooler and the day has been shorter. We couldn't catch what we want. But it is the nature of fishing! We will try again as long as we can get to this beautiful beach.

I would like to show the bits from the place. Hope things come back to normal as before or even better for you all.

itsaboat 1 year ago

That looks like a beautiful spot...I wish I could be there

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
dazzling79 1 year ago

I believe OZ has good beaches too!! I will go there to catch all the fish soon!!

Lee Westrupp 1 year ago

There are plenty of good spots for fishing around Wharariki. The out side of fearwell spit is good but only for the first 2-3km then bird sanctuary starts. The mouth of Westhaven inlet on inside of sand bar. Kiahoka lakes beach. Mouth of Big river kahurangi. I miss fishing NZ. But Oz is good aswell.

Mark Totzke 1 year ago

We've been trying to get down to the beach at the Kaihoka lakes end but couldn't find any access track.
Everywhere along the road are signs with private property and no beach access. Eventually the road ends at a big gate with a private property sign. There must be a public track down to the beach somewhere. But it's well hidden and looks like the locals don't want people to go down there. Would have loved to get down to this beach as this area looks like a fantastic fishing spot.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
Lee Westrupp 1 year ago

When you get to the gate with the sign at kiahoka, you should see a house near by, from memory the property belonged to the Whiely family. My dad knew the owner and would always stop in and say gidday. If we got a few crays we would drop one off on the way back. Through his property is the only way to the beach. So the point I'm trying to make is go and ask for permission you might be surprised , but always do the right thing when going through the property( close gates, don't litter and only take the bag limit). I'm sure that's why the signs are there, because people didn't ask and do the righty.

dazzling79 1 year ago

Do you remember these places back then? It is our favourite place in NZ so far^^

Lee Westrupp 1 year ago

Yes mate. I've fished every place you had on the video. I haven't been home for over ten years and I miss it heaps especially the fishing and hunting. I'm actually craving flounder at the moment. We used to spear them at night, we would wait until a low tide around 8-9pm and walk around low tide mark near river mouths. Motupipi, wianui, pakawau bridge with a under water spotlight. My dad and I got 36 one night. My favorite beach in Golden Bay is Mutton Cove near Totaranui. If you are looking for kingfish try Awaroa inlet river mouth, hardly ever gets rough there and its a beautiful place. I also loved trout fishing for fun, didn't eat them, just threw them back I got seven one night casting lures that resembled the !?%@$* bullies.