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Good/Bad Rating of the day | Category: Fishing Talk

kperwaiz 11 months ago


Why is the Good/Bad Rating of the day is exactly opposite of every other fishing forecast website. e.g. rating for Altona, Victoria, Australia is BAD (one star) for today 05/07/2020, whereas at it is excellent. All other parameters tide, weather and solunar etc are the same. Is there a computer bug or my understanding of your star rating is wrong? The email reminders I receive are also wrong (or correct)?.


Mark Totzke 11 months ago

Hi there,

good question.
On fishingreminder I've been combining the standard Solunar day ratings with the old Maori fishing calendar.
That's why the ratings are different to other sites for certain days in the moon cycle.
Not all days are different but often days around full moon have a lesser rating here on Fishingreminder.

I might add an option in the next update to choose a preferred ratings system.
Either the modified or standard solunar ratings.

hope that helps


a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
kperwaiz 11 months ago

Thank Marks for the quick explanation and good to know that I was not being stupid. But it will make it difficult to choose which system to follow as I am not that experienced or regular. Appreciate your great work anyway.


Mark Totzke 11 months ago

good point. Maybe I'll leave it at just my rating system. It's been working great at predicting the best days and times over the last 10 years since I started fishingreminder. If I add another rating system it would just end up in confusion.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away