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Paddle Board fishing - easy and cheap way to catch more fish | Category: Fishing Talk

Mark Totzke 8 months ago

Here is a bit of a run down of how I do my paddle board fishing with a budget inflatable paddle board.
I had it for about 4 years and quite enjoy fishing with it. It opens up a whole lot of options for fishing if you're otherwise shore based.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 8 months ago

Great video and info.

What sort of price range should we be looking at?

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Mark Totzke 8 months ago

cheers, well I got this aqua marina on special a couple years ago for about $500NZD which is somewhat around 300USD
Got a lot of good fishing time out of it since then, so I'd say it was worth the investment

Any brand should do, but I would recommend to get at least 6inch thickness for better stability when carrying gear around.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away