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Fishing Time Rating | Category: Fishing Talk

Ming Hsun Chuang 7 months ago

Good day, all
Is there anybody know that
Why the fishing times rating forecasted by fishingreminder are different from those by other websites such as tides4fishing, fishranger?

Mark Totzke 7 months ago

Hi Ming,

I'm the owner and developer of fishingreminder.
If you mean the day ratings then this is because we include the ancient Maori fishing calendar in our calculations and combine the ratings with the Solunar predictions. I personally found this to be more effective. Why limit yourself to only one theory, right?

As for the major and minor times. They should be similar to other Solunar Calendars.
Although I recently had a question as to why the bite times at fishingreminder start an hour earlier than on another site. (I think it was tide4fishing)
I found out that the other site was calculating the start of their bite times at moonrise/moonset
But according to the Solunar Theory the minor bite times will start an hour before moonrise/moonset until an hour after.
So clearly the bite times of the other page weren't calculated properly - or at least not in sync with the Solunar Theory.

hope this helps


a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
Ming Hsun Chuang 7 months ago

Hi Mark,
thanks for your detailed description
thanks a lot

Phil Vergara 7 months ago

Hi Mark,
Thank you for your explaination I'm still learning on this method.

Ming Hsun Chuang 7 months ago

Hi Mark
Your day rating is good and right
Went fishing last night, what a wonderful and busy night!
Thanks for your calculation