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Fishing Spots in Wellington, New Zealand - the windiest city in the world | Category: Fishing Talk

Mark Totzke 1 year ago

On a recent trip to Wellington we explored some of the inner city fishing spots.
Wellington is one the windiest cities on earth but on a fine day it has lots to offer in terms of fishing.

1. Point Howard Wharf - unfortunately closed at the moment but can still fish around the rocks
2. Petone Wharf - an awesome super long fishing wharf with rod holders and everything you need
3. Clyde Quay Wharf - inner city fishing wharf, can get pretty busy at times. Handy location
4. Oriental Parade - Easy access fishing spot right in the city with lots of space and big fish
5. Flat Rocks - Good rock fishing spot on the Miramar peninsula
6. Point Halswell - God rock fishing spot at the end of the Miramar Peninsula with deep water and lots of current
7. Tarakena Bay and South Coast - loads of nice fishing rocks and beaches on the South coast of Wellingtion

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 1 year ago

Great video. Some good looking spots.

I like your rod holder

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !