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Howdy!! | Category: Fishing Talk

booyah 1 year ago

So..... Im back! Havent had a boat for ever, at least 2 yrs. Got another bargain tub so had to test it out last weekend. The water is way down from where we thought is was low before. Lake Mead is still full of fish, but if they stay on the track they're on now
3 yrs we can walk out n pick em up. We need to add some water back in. Any way...SAYIN HEY TO MARK T AND THAT SISSY ..ITS A BOAT! HA HA HA HO HO!

itsaboat 1 year ago

Hey mate, good to hear from you...

Did they close the knitting club ?

Is Lake Mead a man made lake? I don't know what they are doing here, but "my" river keeps getting drained !! I have a 4wd now (again) so I went to a spot I know a few days ago only to find no water...When I say no water, it was more like a creek...They were saying on the news a few days ago that the drought is broken and we are on track for the biggest cotton crop in Australia's history. They say next year will be 50% more again. You need a hell of a lot of water to grow cotton (more than for rice). So if we have enough rain to grow the biggest cotton crop we have ever had, why are they draining the river ???

I went to the coast a few weeks ago. Hit a kangaroo and totalled the car. So I called the bank and they gave $10,000 extension on my home loan. (I only had third party property insurance). I got a very nice Pajero, 3.2 turbo diesel. They call it something else in the U.S but I don't remember what. Exact same car just badged with a different name...Might be Montero or something like that. Anyway, with 4WD I can now get to some fishing spots....Just need water !!

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Mark Totzke 1 year ago

Hey booyah,

What's happening? Good you good a boat again and I see some nice catches in the photo section too.
Good stuff.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
booyah 1 year ago

it was only 107 today in Las Vegas ...nice n hot I see the next few days coming up are
listed as 4 fish days. so I should have some new pics for the gallery....soon. So good
to see your typing and a photo of you ...since I cant really see you but I think its a great
thing you are well and still fishin!!! You take good care of yourself and our buddy
or "mate" as they say down under its a boat.

booyah 1 year ago

Well I got one of them Wrangler jeeps now....had one before but it was very similar to this new one. Just finished a pair of ankle hi booties in pink and teal I havent run out of yarn yet so why were you bowling for roos anyway? Just what you needed
to get a new ride huh?. Here is my new ride.... pulls the boat nice too.

itsaboat 1 year ago

Oh...Do you get ice in Vegas? We have just hit winter here (100km west of Wagga Wagga) and had a couple of days at minus 3c...I feel it, this is going to be a cold winter. Couple of years ago, I think 2018 or 2019 we went down to minus 12...Google tells me that is about 10 in your speak.

On the other hand. Summer gets upto about 50 to 55c,,,about 131 in your words.

They put the "official" recording station out near the highway and river. So it never records the "real" heat. !!!

I remember when I was a kid before we went decimal 105 meant schools closed go home. That is about 40c...These days the kids have air con !! Poor darlings have to stay and do math...In my day 105 meant WOO HOO fishing !!!

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
booyah 1 year ago

Unfortunately they dont teach the kids the stuff they really need these days.....math, spelling n grammar.
Mine isnt so great but I just mess around alot for short cuts....saves a lot of key strokes of the laptop.
But they do teach the kids now days how to wear and put on a condom, all about the 14 different genders,
nothing about history, or science. Its sad. The kids dont learn what they need unless the parents are
right there dealing out daily lessons needed, or sending them to a private school that has a normal
curriculum. Any way, its dead of summer here, and yes Lake Mead is a man made lake. its also
2342 hours here so Im hitting the hay. I will be in contact, you fellas have a good day or as they
say "G Day"

itsaboat 1 year ago

Looks like we are typing at the same time

Funny...I was actually going to look at a Jeep. But, I don't know, something about the car yard and stuff....So I went around to the other yard and saw the Pajero

Yeah...I was only doing about 80kmh and towing the caravan. Bloody thing jump right infront of me. It was so quick I didn't even have time to hit the breaks...Not a real lot of damage. But it broke the transmission cooler pipe. The Musso has a Borg Warner trans same as used in the Ford. Factory sealed never meant to be serviced...Broken cooler pipe means full trans rebuild at $4,550 to $5,000 and the car is just not worth it. Sold it to a bloke for $350 who turns out to be a diesel mechanic. We have also sort of become friends.

I am just lucky the roo went under the car. Sometimes if the hop is right they will come through the windscreen !! And I can tell 70kg of roo at 80kmh hitting you in the face is not funny !!

A lesser mortal would not be here today....I had to lock up the breaks and slide sideways to avoid going over a small cliff...and I did that with the caravan in tow...I went down there again last week, and the gravel skid marks are still there showing how the caravan was pushing me to the edge. I bought it to a stop about 3m (10feet) from the edge...Just lucky no injury to me or Talon Dog.

It was 4 hours for to tow truck to arrive. It was not a populated spot...

Worst part about the whole thing...The tow truck took me to Huskisson and I was stranded there for a whole week !!! Talon loved it the only "off leash" dog beach for about a zillion miles...Lucky the caravan was not damaged at all so I had a bed....But the worst thing is Huskisson is Jervis Bay...the second best land based fishing spot in Australia...and I had no fishing gear with me !!! Not even a cork hand line !!!

I do NOT want to go through that terror again....I have put a hand line in the glove box !!

Pink and teal ??...Sounds like you getting all masculine on me

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
itsaboat 1 year ago

Hey Booyah,

Got you message. Will email you later.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Hingol 1 year ago

Hi Guys, I have been away for a while. Just recovering from Covid but still mostly in bed. My question: Why use a heavier leader on a fishing line as when the line gets snagged, it will not break from the leader but can break from any other point losing a lot of line. I would prefer to use if my iine is 80lb, I would prefer to use a 50lb leader so that I dont lost most of my line while snagged. WHAT I YOUR OPINION?

itsaboat 1 year ago

Hey Hingol . Hope you recover soon. I guess a lot of people will get COVID and all we can do is hope for the best.

Did you get your T-shirt? (I am still a little embarrassed that I offered you a T-shirt before asking Mark first. My bad )

Good question.

Using a heavier leader has a number of advantages. It is at the working end. If the fish goes into rocks or round something there is less chance of being broken off. So a heavier leader is more resistant to abrasion as the fish is fighting. Imagine the fish compared to where you are. If any part of the line is going to make contact with rocks etc, it will be the first 10 to 15 feet. Past that will be clear line between you and the fish if that makes sense.

Then, when you are landing the fish, again it is the working end that will make contact with rocks or jetty etc. Even a landing net !! Think of using a landing net. It is only the working or terminal end of the line that will ever contact the net, so you want it to be strong and thick to take that contact.

There is also lifting power...Say you are using 10lb line and you hook a 5lb fish. That fish can easy exert 3 times it's body weight by flapping about. So it could put 15lb of pressure on the line when lifting clear from the water...But if you have say 20lb leader the fish will not break the line no matter how much flapping and pressure it can do. Oh, that is assuming you use enough leader to be able to wind on to the reel before lifting.

Using a lighter leader...Your example is 80lb main line and 50lb leader. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, if I was using an 80lb main I would probably go with a 25 or 30lb leader. The reason being that heavier line cannot present the bait or lure properly. 80lb line will always be "stiffish" in the water and the bait will not look right (fish are fussy - if it does not look right).

A good example of using a lighter leader is fly fishing. The main line might be 30 or 40lb (but they measure it by weight as in the actual weight of the line) but the leader might be only 3 or 4lb. That is because anything over 3 or 4 or 5 lb etc would not allow the bait or the fly to be presented to the fish and look right....That is one of the main reasons you will see fly fishermen trying to hold the rod so high whilst "netting" the fish. It is to keep the leader from contacting the net.

Then there are the "toothy" fish. Often a very short, say 12 inch, steel leader is the go. But they are usually called a "trace". But it is still just a leader made of steel and very short.

As for breaking and losing line...It is par for the course...However, the weakest point is the breaking point !!! That is going to be your knot.

You can set up the rig to break at a certain point by using a weak knot. That is of course assuming the knot is above the snag causing the problem, but that is fishing!! Some knots will give 95% breaking strain and some 50% and all in between....So say you wanted to use 50lb main with an 80lb leader. You could use a 50% knot like the old granny knot which would break at 40lb leaving the main line at 50lb intact.

Hope you start to feel better soon. Take care mate

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !