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Freshwater fishing | Category: Fishing Talk

Alan Cardwell 5 months ago

Do the major and minor fishing times have any relevance to freshwater (river/lake) fishing, please?

itsaboat 5 months ago

The simple answer is yes...

The Solunar Meathod (theory) works exacty the same for both fresh and salt water. Even for waters that are not tidal.

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Mark Totzke 5 months ago

In fact the Solunar theory was even developed by a fresh water fisherman (John Alden Knight)
He published the first Solunar tables early last century. He was a keen fly fisherman and was looking for ways to predict bite times when you don't have tide times as a deciding factor. So he took a step back and looked at what's causing the tide times in the first place and found that sun, moon and their gravitational forces have an even stronger direct influence on all animal feeding behaviour. The whole food chain in nature is pumping along those rhythms of sun and moon.

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Alan Cardwell 5 months ago

Many thanks.

Lam Tran 5 months ago

Thanks, sounded great! Do you happen to have leads to details of John Alden Knight's Solunar theory R & D?

Mark Totzke 5 months ago

Hey Lam,

The book by John Alden Knight is called "Moon Up - Moon Down: Story of the Solunar Theory"
This is what inspired me to create

It's not easy to find these days as it's not in print anymore. It was published in 1972.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
Lam Tran 4 months ago

Thanks for the info, Mark

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