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**everyone that fishes freshwater read this and leave a reply** | Category: Fishing Talk

fishing with matthew 1 month ago

Give me some recommendations for Bass Lure's and pike Lure's

dazzling79 1 month ago

Rapala with green and orange color!

fishing with matthew 1 month ago

thank u!

itsaboat 1 month ago

I would have thought a shiny lure like a spoon lure would have been best for pike.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
fishing with matthew 1 month ago


Paladin77 3 weeks ago

Pike will hit just about anything,

daredevil, mimic minnow and white shad are my top choices

fishing with matthew 3 weeks ago

thanks man or woman!

Ekudrec 3 weeks ago

Whopper plopper if on fresh water fast streams

Mark Totzke 3 weeks ago

Ekudrec: LOL, what a funny name for a lure 😅

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
fishing with matthew 3 weeks ago


dazzling79 2 weeks ago

Is this your best pick?

MLFish 2 weeks ago

I caught a large mouth bass using a red leaf, I know it sounds crazy but I have seen people using all kinds of crazy stuff, lol

dazzling79 2 weeks ago

Really?? That's cool! Catching fish on a leaf!!

fishing with matthew 2 weeks ago

ik its crazy

Scott Jenkins 1 week ago

Here in Central Florida soft worms and creature baits are the most consistent lures. Colors vary according to water clarity my favorite are variations of green and black aka watermelon, green pumpkin and the fav purple or junebug.

Scott Jenkins


thanks : )

uluturk 2 days ago


It depends on how you hunt.
Hanging out live
hard bait
soft silicon
from the boat
by land
Is it shaped like a back?
my night hunt or my day hunt
As you can see there are many factors.
I can give information accordingly.