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No Mullet | Category: Fishing Talk

Dean Jarvis 1 month ago

over 50 years ago there was huge schools of mullet. Mullet feed other fish such as Snook and redfish

itsaboat 1 month ago

Today you will find plenty of mullet inside cans of cat food !!!

Mullet is a good eating fish. But for some reason people don't think they are good. Hence, they go to pet food and there are big $$$ in pet food.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Kevin Telfar 3 weeks ago

45 years ago I fished commercially in New Zealand for mullet, running 350 metres of float net from a 4 metre boat. Biggest catch was 400 kilos. Fish were sold to a fish factory that sent mullet to Arab countries. Sea run mullet are fantastic eating when wood smoked.