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Night fishing works?? | Category: Fishing Talk

Mark Totzke 5 months ago

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 5 months ago

Great photo.

Did you catch anything?

I was thinking of doing some over nighters by the river...when the flooding goes down !!

I am not going anywhere near the coast !!!...2 summers ago we had fires - big fires. Then last summer we were all in lockdown. So this summer is the first when people can go "down the coast". Can you imagine what it will be like ??...The coast is bad enough during a "normal" holiday season...I aint going anywhere near it until all the free loaders go back home !!

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Mark Totzke 5 months ago

We never seem to have much luck during the night. Usually getting some bites just before dark and then once it's completely dark no more bites. Then I get bored and go home. But it seems lots of others have good luck with night fishing.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 5 months ago

Try a light !!

That might sound silly...But let me explain.

Get one of those white plastic buckets. Usually about 20 or 22 liter. They sell them for painting and any hardware store will have them. Put a lantern (battery) in the bucket. Bonus if your batteries can be recharged on solar, like mine . Put the bucket near the water edge but not close enough to be washed in by waves.

The lantern in the bucket gives off enough light to attract bait fish and squid. But it will stop you going "blind" so you keep your night vision. You can also cut a hole in the side of the bucket for extra light. Just make sure you have the hole pointing to the water so that your night vision is not affected.

You can also buy purpose made lights. Some lures come with lights. Also floats. Some even flash...But you can make one very cheap and easy. A simple glow stick will work. I have used a milk bottle which works well. You need an opaque bottle with a handle, like a milk bottle. The handle gives you a tie point for your rope or line. Put a small but robust torch in the bottle and cast or throw it out. Then cast your bait near it.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
uluturk 5 months ago

the perfect place to find peace

Jenry 4 months ago

The best time to fish. That's when the monsters are out to play.

uluturk 4 months ago

I think this subject is very relative.I say that the hunting discipline is related to the slaughter, my boat, etc. situations.

Raymond Purcell 1 3 months ago

I never used to have much luck at night even when I stayed three or four days when I used to fish NSW Hawksberry river and there was lighting on the warf.

Igor Aranha 3 months ago

In my experience, the night can be more productive than day if you use those spoon lures with glow in the dark stuff, you recharge the glow with the torch light every two or 3 casts, or trolling from a kayak or boat. Works great for me in rivers and lakes for trout/salmon, specially on those days you don't got any bite during the day time.

dazzling79 3 months ago

Never worked for me! Fish go to bed at night!

Shawn Beck 3 months ago

I love night fishing. I use lighted bobbers from the public boat landings. It’s been my most productive times. It’s also a great time to see the nocturnal side of nature.

dazzling79 3 months ago

What do you use for the light? Any good product to recommend, please? I want to catch pipers from a jetty.

itsaboat 3 months ago

Some use glow sticks. Some are fluro (recharged with sun light). Some use batteries. Some are a steady light and some flash.

Pipefish? You mean like Long Tom or Gar? I would say a steady light.

There is a very ride range to choose from. Whatever you choose use a different line. That is put the float on one line which can stay in the water. Then use a second line with you bait. Keep them close together.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
John Needham 3 months ago

I've always had decent luck fishing just before and about an hour or two after dark. Seems to drop off after that.

I know a lot of the carp fisherman back in the UK like to camp out overnight and fish.

Here fishy fishy, here fishy fishy...
Mick686 2 months ago

Sunrise after fishing all night

dazzling79 2 months ago

Did you catch any??