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Days of Spring & Neap Tides | Category: Fishing Talk

Hingol 9 months ago

Hi, how are days of Spring & Neap Tides in a month determined? What does a short stretch on the Tide Chart mean?

itsaboat 9 months ago

Spring tide is the first tide after the full (or new) moon which has the largest difference between high and low tide.

Neap tides are the first tide after the 1st and 3rd quarter of the mood cycle and also with the smallest difference between high and low.

I don't know what you mean by "short stretch".

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Hingol 7 months ago

Can the date be mentioned if it is Spring or Neap Tide? This will greatly help everyone as fish are more prone to bite during the Spring Tides. Thank you

askFM 6 months ago

The highest tides, called spring tides, are formed when the earth, sun and moon are lined up in a row. This happens every two weeks during a new moon or full moon. Smaller tides, called neap tides, are formed when the earth, sun and moon form a right angle. ie half way between Full and New moon.
Use your lunar calandar to see when Full and New moon occurs in each month.

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