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18 Bass | Category: Fishing Talk

Rawhide 2 weeks ago

I know today was suppose to be a bad day, but it wasn't. I caught 18 bass on a 4 acre lake in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Caught all on senkos. Largest was 6.69 pounds and all caught from the bank. Using a 3/0 to a 5/0 hook a on a 3000 Kast King spinning
reel and a 6'6" medium heavy spinning rod. Senkos were black with blue and green flake, Blue senko wirh purple, green and blue flake and red senko with purple, green ,and blue flake.

This lake has a lot of moss about 20 to 25 ft. from the bank. I would throw my Senko out and slowly crank it up to the edge of the moss and let it die 3 to 4 ft. in front of the moss. Watch my line for movement or feel for ticks on the baits. Some of the bass were caught just as the Senko hit the water. I was using a trapper keeper hook. Only 3 bass threw the hook as they danced on their tails. I lost 7 bites when I couldn't see or detect a bite.

Rob Vlasak 1 week ago

That's a day to remember,anywhere you fish! Congrats!

Rawhide 1 week ago

By the way, I put all 18 fish back. I don't keep fish unless I fish a large lake. My son loves to eat fish . So we usually keep the small ones about 2 lbs and throw the rest back to catch another day.

itsaboat 1 week ago

I meant to ask if you kept any .

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !