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Here's the fishing rod I got at kastking, anyone else have the same one as me? | Category: Fishing Talk

凡若 1 month ago

Mark Totzke 1 month ago

I haven't tried any KastKing rods so far. Only their braided lines.
What are you planning on catching with it?

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 1 month ago

Me neither !!

I wonder why it has 2 top sections...

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Papa Doug 1 month ago

I'm assuming that the two tips are for throwing two different ranges of weight.

Mine rod (an Okuma) only came with one -- I now have a second tip (salvaged from another rod) that loads up better and gets me increased distance with lighter weight.

Albert Kellermann 1 month ago

Never bought a rod but their megatron reels are fantastic

forrer 3 weeks ago

I started buying kastking baitcasters for myself and spincasters for my wife about 3 years ago. Found they compare favorably to shimano and abu in the 1000-3000 range at less than half the cost. Use them for inshore and near shore and am impressed with their durability. Have not tried the rods yet as I hesitate to have one shipped by Amazon . I’d be interested to know how they hold up in the medium heavy size

Jenry 3 weeks ago

I had bad experience with the Megatron spinner, drag knob went bad twice for the same reel. But I understand sometimes the odd product will have its defect. In all fairness to Kastking, they replace/fix your reels once it's under the warranty period, which is good. I even got one of my reels replaced free of cost. Still have that one a few years later.