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Building a Tarpon Rod! | Category: Fishing Talk

DannyPalomar 10 years ago

Hey all,

Im trying to build a good tarpon rod for live baiting from a pier. I inherited a Shakespeare Ugly stick 12-30# ln wt 7' rod from my pop who no longer fishes. I was wondering if this would be a good rod for this application or save for a more beefy 40 - 50 ln wt rod. Should Id rather go longer on the rod and let the bend of the rod do the work for me rather then trying to muscle it with a 5'6" or 6' foot rod.

If I can use this rod what size reel should I be looking at? 7? 8? 9?! for spinning of course. and I have decided on 40- 50 # braid whether i go spinning or build an entire conventional or baitcast trolling rig.

If i go baitcasting I have been lookin at Penn 320gt or 330Gt what are you guys thoughts on this? I want a reel with a decent amount of drag in the 20-30# max setting to tire the fish out.


PS. The NEW MOON has arrived!

DannyPalomar 10 years ago

Any input or advice would be much appreciated :dry:

Is there a good combo rod and reel that will get me the job done?

Thanks, Danny.

markt 10 years ago

Looks like not too many Tarpon fisher around :-(
Where do you catch them?

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
DannyPalomar 10 years ago

Hmmm, I guess not. The Tarpon (Silver King) can be found I believe all around Floridas coast. All the information on them can be seen here. They are amazing fighters and as my angling skills increase I will definetley try and nab a nice tarpon.

another Hillbilly 10 years ago

Danny , Sounds like great fun, we live a little ways away in NoArkansas, will have to plan a trip to Florida and try Tarpon Fishing, Thanks for the post. Best Wishes, AJ

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
DannyPalomar 9 years ago

My advice is take a tarpon specific charter and book early! the tarpon fanatics fill up a shedule quick

23tlou 9 years ago

Hello, The type of rod is your choice. I fish for Tarpon from Key West Florida to Crystal River florida.(west cost of fla.) If you want to test yourself aginst the King, go with a 6' rod (stand up with rollers) The long rod does some of the work for you, but you still need to get the Tarpon to the boat as soon as you can. I moved here to fish for the big ones(200)lbs is my dream fish on fly. Hope this helped you, Have a great day. Good luck with the poons!!!