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Newbie - abu dhabi fishing questions | Category: Fishing Talk

patrickhntan 9 years ago

hi there! i'm new to fishing.. my location is abu dhabi, uae.

i have some questions to ask:

1. what are the baits that you use?

2. where do you usually go for fishing in abu dhabi?

thank you


boomerang1 9 years ago

Use prawns and squid to get yourself some live bait. You may also catch some bream, grunter and sherry using these baits. Fish the ledges by anchoring and dropping a live bait over the side. You can generally pick up a hammoor this way. You can also trying trolling the ledges with a mid diving lure. I perfer a storm mid thunder blue or silver mullet for trolling.

patrickhntan 9 years ago

thanks a lot for the tips!

cowcutter 9 years ago

ballyhoo, mackerel - good for big kingfish, queenfish, sharks
sardines - good for hamour, baracuda
baitfish (scad, baby grunter / sherry and fingermark snapper) - generally good for cobia, hamour, baracuda.

lures - kingfish, baracuda
jelly lures (spinning) - round rock structures for small hamour.

whole prawns - sherry, grunter, bream

I have still yet to catch a kingfish here from abu dhabi!!! where are u from, where do you go fishing? My best shoreline fishing in abu dhabi is still from the breakwater at mina port.

patrickhntan 9 years ago

hi cowcutter, me and my friends use prawns only. reem island is one of our favorite places for fishing(only when there's no sun coz its prohibited), al raha corniche and yas island(but we haven't caught any there). until now, only sherry and nagroor were attracted to our bait.. we'll probably use some of the baits that u mentioned.

appreciate the ton of info man!

have u tried fishing in lulu island? how to go there?

the jack 9 years ago

hi patrick and staying in dubai and i have plan to fishing ln abu dhabi....can u give me some advise? where i should go?

patrickhntan 9 years ago

hi jack,

i only knew a few spots here in abu dhabi since i'm also new to this addictive hobby..

i've tried fishing in mina port, al raha corniche, reem island and yas island.. some go to Lulu island by boat, i also want to try my luck there in the future

hope this will help..happy fishing!!

boomerang1 9 years ago

If your boating I would suggest trolling following the shipping channel markers out from the port there is a good chance of picking up a kingfish, queenie or barracuda.

Another fun option is to find some structure on the far side of the channel cutting through Hideriyyat Island (that's the island that runs parallel to 30th St)then anchor down and try your luck with some prawns, squid or chicken gut on light gear. Just be a little careful as I was roused from this area by CNIA the other day as they reckoned it was a marine reserve...go figure. Sorry but I can't recommend any land base options for you.

nellysaid 8 years ago

Hello Guys , please advice where is the good place to fish in abu dhabi?

afzal280 8 years ago

guys mina port is closed not allowed to fish there anymore

LADY-ANGLER 7 years ago

Yeah, very sad about Mina being closed - used to catch a lot of different types of fishes there

ziaddehni 7 years ago

Im really happy mina is closed. That place was turning into a dirty junkyard from all the polluters and inconsiderate fishermen

ziaddehni 7 years ago

Yas Island. If you need location map let me know. +971504140908

Roopesh 19862702 4 years ago

Thanks for ur info

ShabsZa 3 years ago

Hi there

I would like to know where's the best spot to fish on Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi.