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Recipes? | Category: Fishing Talk

Easty04 10 years ago

Been trying to find different recipes and ways for cooking fish. how do u cook the fish u catch? all comments welcome.
I have just been pan frying my fish. slap a bit of butter salt n pepper on the fish fillets with a dash of lemon juice and pan frying until cooked. any other ways or a perfected recipe to share?


wesley 10 years ago

deep fry them with some salt pepper and lemon it is very good and u can add some hot peppers in to it and it will be the best fish have ever had

greengiant 9 years ago

There are more ways to cook fish than there are verities of fish. Let me know what spcies of fish you are catching and I will give you a recipe for cooking it. I pan stew, bake, broil, pan fry, deep fry, blacken, grill and smoke. Depends on the species, the size and the preferred taste of the folks I'm cooking for. Be a little more specific on the species of fish you are catching, including if they are from salt or fresh water. Also, say if you prefer hot & Spicey or mild and mellow.

Easty04 9 years ago

The species that we nomally go for are snapper and salmon, well they are the type of fish we normally pull in. went down on saturday and got a few salmon, how would you cook salmon and snapper? i love spicy, so what ever you recommend. cheers

markt 9 years ago

I love snapper slightly battered and pan fried in olive oil.
Normally I batter a whole fillet and fry it quickly from both sides until batter turns brown.

The other day we cut the fillet into small stripes, battered and fried them.
The result looked almost like chicken nuggets.
I then served them with some aioli, german horse raddish, tomato sauce and salad leafs.

If you take a salad leaf and then wrap it around a fish nugget and sauce and then eat the whole thing it tastes absolutely fantastic.

You could add some freshly cut chillies or chilly sauce if you like spicy.
I'll try that next time - cause I love spicy too. Could also substitute the horse raddish with Japansese wasabi paste.

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
Easty04 9 years ago

that sounds pretty good. we just recently made a light beer batter and put some cajun powder in with the batter and shallow fried it then served it up with home made wedges and sweet chilli sauce(just cut wedges from whole potato and friend them in the hot oil, be quick coz they burn easy and the water content in the potato makes the oil spit a little) turned out real nice.

markt 9 years ago

I like potato wedges - actually anything potato is great with fish.
I quite often make mashed potatoes and sometimes add some pumpkin into the mash.
That goes really well with butter fried egg coated fillets.

If I make wedges I normally bake them in the oven while preparing and cooking the fish.
Just gotta make sure they are completely coated with olive oil before placing them into the oven, otherwise they dry out.

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.