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What does Closed Season mean for fishing? | Category: Help

ctilmant 9 years ago

I had a question about what it means for Closed season on a certain species of fish and if its illegal to fish for fish that are deemed closed? My town claims that brown trout and steel-head are closed in October-December but I see people catch them all the time and keep them during these months. I've have seen many DNR and police not say a word to any of them. If I so happen to catch any of these fish should I keep them since no one seems to care. Or am I misunderstanding what it means for Closed Season. PLZ LET ME KNOW.

ctilmant 9 years ago

27 views and no one has an opinion for me... I would really like some feedback on this post please!!!

jonboat315 7 years ago

Closed season means that you are not supposed to target those species, and if you happen to catch one of them, you are supposed to release it immediately. I think that is standard across all states.

What your "town claims" vs. what the actual DNR regulations are, may differ. The DNR officers will enforce state regulations.

Now one other thing to consider are "special" regulations. Many states have special season dates, different minimum length requirements and daily limits depending on the body of water. It's all part of fisheries management. This may be why the DNR guys see these fish being taken and don't write up the anglers in question. When in doubt, ask a DNR officer or go to your state's DNR website and read through the regulations. That will help you know what is legal and what is not, with ultimate goal being to keep yourself from getting into trouble with the guys in the green pants.

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