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loading the profile | Category: Help

booyah 9 years ago

I would like to load a couple of items into the profile field but Im not getting anything to work after hitting the edit button what am I doin' wrong?

Rex Ursus 6 years ago

I too cannot seem to change anything in my profile. It would be nice to know if it is broken or not.

booyah 6 years ago

B) I was told some time ago by the very nice Moderator of this site that it works best via firefox or google chrome. Since then they may have changed a thing or two but I would think firefox or chrome browsers would work ok still. My issue was back a couple of years. Where ever you see "MarkT" click on that and it should link you to him , he can help you best on navigating the site. just stay on the Help topic in the header and he will see it !!