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Markno65 7 years ago

Hi All

New to this site just wondering how the star rating works, there's a good, fair and poor for the day which is understandable but what's with the major and minor times and then there may be a star next to the minor time? Does this mean that it is better to fish the minor rather than the major time??? Tight lines to all!

Cheers Mark.

adil9p 7 years ago

Dear Mark,
The star ratings work on various factors which determine the best biting mood of fishes eg: phase of moon, wind speed and direction, air pressure, temperature, high tide and low tides etc. More stars means better fishing conditions. Major and minor fishing times reflect the tides timing which is 2 times in 24 hours. Major timing shows more chances of fish bites and minor timing has less chances but better than normal timings. I hope my answer will help you.
adil sarwar

markt 7 years ago

Hi there

If there is a star rating next to a major or minor time, it means that this time is around sunrise or sunset.

Matching major or minor times with sunrise or sunset will generally give you the best chances.
If you have a minor time at sunrise, fishing at this time could be better then during a major time in the middle of the afternoon. That's why there is an extra star for this time.

It's always a good idea to try to match as much as possible solunar and weather events on a day to determine the best major or minor time to go out.
Even if you have a poor general day rating but sunrise/sunset, tides and weather are in favour of the minor/major times you might still get a decent catch.

Hope that helps


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