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How to fit a two battery condition meter | Category: Help

ianmacrae 7 years ago

I have a Stacer 399 Proangler with crank battery (rear and charged by my outboard) and a 100amp hour deep-cycle forward for my electric, that I recharge after every trip. I purchased a simple 2 battery condition gauge from BCF, which has three wires coming from the backside. It came with no instructions and I have searched the Net to try and find out how to wire it up, but to no avail... can anyone help?

NoQuarter 7 years ago

what color are wires and can you attach picture of wires

ianmacrae 7 years ago

There are two red wires, one to the left and right terminals of the double switch with free ends. A centre red wire on the double switch goes to the positive of the gauge. Nothing is connected to the negative terminal on the gauge.