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Good Fishing spots & join a team for fishing | Category: Help

hashim 7 years ago


Fishing lovers can anyone help me some good locations in UAE i don't mind travelling any part of UAE and join a team for fishing please do let me know



painted 7 years ago

Where do you live Tariq?

nadersaid62 7 years ago

Can I join Tareq in same demand : :whistle:
I'm living in al Khan, opposit to al mamzar

hashim 7 years ago

Hi Nader,

You are welcome on weekends i live near Tawun mall looking for some new places to explore please do share some new location and we can plan together



nadersaid62 7 years ago

I'm usualy go to the area opposit to al mamzar
my phone 0505543526 pls call me to arrange

medo_krkr 6 years ago

hi buddies.
I do stay also in al khan area. But what about Um Al Qiwain I heard lot of fishes are there.
But can you share what baits do you use and what do you do to prepare it to start fishing. Also what kind of fish do you usually get.

i'll start by my self. I use Serdien and i do salt it and fold it with newspaper few hours before i start. And i do get Baracudda looool

New and looking to be Expert :P