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cuden 6 years ago

Hi all,
Im newbie here, dont know anyone around Stockton Beach or Newcastle knoing any place good spot for beach and rock fishing ( refer Stockton cause near my house). Just moving here for working from Liverpool. Want to fishing after hours working stressful. Waiting for you answer. Thanks for that.

dpowellesq 6 years ago

If you don't have a 4wd try out the front of the daycare centre & north past the soccer ground. Easy access from the street near the daycare centre. Whiting should be starting to show up about now. You will get bream, tailor & salmon there as well. You can fish off the breakwater into the harbour for jew,tailor etc. Good luck

cuden 6 years ago

Hi mate,
Really thank for your reply. Just a more stupid question more, I have no idea where is the Daycare Centre and the Breakwall really sorry if i too annoying you that. I try to google but its not coming up much information.

dpowellesq 6 years ago

No worries. As you come into Stockton from Newcastle take the second left, that will take you to the beach, south is the daycare centre north is the soccer ground.Anywhere along there. Follow the beach road to the caravan park, breakwall carpark is just behind that. If you hit the river you have gone too far,lol.Try Google earth.