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learning to fish I hope | Category: Help

toots 5 years ago

great trying to learn how to fish hope one day I will get good, but been told you can't be good with out spending lots of money which I just don't have. Oh well I'll just keep enjoying the trying. Have a great day. toots

markt 5 years ago

Who told you that you need lots of money for fishing? That's just wrong Don't get discouraged.
All you need is a pole, a reel, fishing line, some hooks and a bit of bait.
Not very expensive. You can even get the gear second hand, except the bait of course

It's a great hobby to learn and all that is required is a little patience and persistence to get good at it.
Fishing is all about being at the right location, at the right time with the right bait or lure.

That's basically what you need to learn. First you need to find a location near you.
Then figure out what kind of fish you can catch there and the best bait to use for this type of fish.
Then check out the best fishing times and days here and try your luck.

If you're fishing in fairly shallow water from the shore, it's a good idea to try some night fishing or look for good fishing times just after sunrise or before sunset. These times are marked bold in our fishing calendar.

Where are you planning to fish?

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
seelevel13 5 years ago

You need to spend time not money.

Bentong 5 years ago

All you need is observe, ask around on the place where you intend to fish. Talk to one that catches can see what gear and bait is used and most importantly is the time and you can compare it with best time posted here. Good luck