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Site Features For New & Old | Category: Help

itsaboat 4 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would mention some of the site features. It might help new members settle in and remind the not so new members of some features they might have forgotten.

In no particular order, I will start with the edit feature.

You are able to edit your own posts. This feature is so you can fix minor spelling errors and typos. It is not intended for major edits, such as completely changing your post. Like any other forum on the internet, replacing a post with something completely different is considered rude, it might be seen as trolling and will not be looked upon kindly by Admin and Mod. So please use the edit feature for what it is intended for.

If for any reason you do want a major edit, or an edit to a Topic title line, please contact Admin or Mod. You can do that by posting directly to the Forum or by using the Contact button at the top right corner. Please consider other members before attempting or requesting a major edit. A major edit often has an adverse affect on other members and what they have posted.

Hunting and Camping. About 2 years ago (from memory) a member requested a hunting section. It is still part of the Forum, but not getting used very much. Simply select Hunting in the drop down list when making a Forum post. So if you are into hunting and or camping, we would love to hear about it in the Hunting & Camping section.

BOLD times. Common question...The times shown in bold are when the forecast best times for fishing are near Sunrise or Sunset.

The Solunar Clock. The solunar clock shows quickly and easily the best forecast fishing times. The long light green is the Major times and the shorter dark green are the minor times. The thin black line is the clock hand showing the time of day for your location.

Remember you can get the Fishingreminder App for your smartphone. -

Or the Pro version -

Email Alerts. There are two types of email alerts. The first is "what's happening" which gives you a summary of recent photo and Forum posts. Simply subscribe to the mailing list using the Email Updates button on either the Catches or Forum page (you only have to subscribe once and you get both photo and forum). The second is fishing reminders found on the Fishing Times page (the main page). Simply click on the Email Reminders button. Select location, number of days notice prior you want, minimum day star rating and then hit Save Settings. You will then get email reminders of up coming fishing day for your selected location, star ratings etc.

Don't forget, you can catch up on fishing news from around the world. Just click on the News link in the top menu on any page.

The Articles page (next to the News page link) is full of great information, tips and advice for both beginners and advanced anglers.

I hope this has been useful...Just remember, there is more to Fishingreminder than just, well, fishing reminders ! So have a look around, you just might be surprised with what you find.

Tight lines and Bent rods to all.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !