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Identifying productive spots around Myall Lakes | Category: Help

Horney 3 years ago

G'day all - will be spending the next week at Bombah Point, Myall Lakes and while the forecasts are for 3 or 4 excellent days, I could use some suggestions for productive spots. Have stocked up with hard bodies, poppers, plastics, floats and bait - willing to try anything short of gelignite.


itsaboat 3 years ago

Hi Horney,

It seems like no one with local knowledge was on-line to give advice for your week at Bombah Point. I know a little bit about Nelson Bay but not enough to give any tips...and that is the extent of my local knowledge

How did your week go? Do any good ?

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
tuppo2491 2 years ago

Great spot, go there often usually camp The Wells, White tree Bay or the Banksia Green (depends on the crowd) as I can tie my boat to the BBQ poles on the lake side.
If fishing the salt and have 4x4 The Big Gibber is the go, too far to walk but plenty of everything. Garies, Pillies, mullet, worms excellent ... can't catch them myself but stunned by friends who can, fish on the make; double rig slab mullet jews.
The Hole in the Wall is excellent, deep water, fish the high. Great for bream.