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Omg was is a gigantic green tree snakes or a gigantic trout. Either way it was as round as afoot ball an I'm not egsagerTinv | Category: Help

Shaun McDonald 2 years ago

I went fishing one night an I seen this gigantic trout swimming along side the bank. So I qwietly yell to my mate qwick come here get the net . This thing was at lest as round as a medium built man's thigh i had a pole an mate had the et. We liked it against the bank for maybe 30 seconds before we let it go as the pole an net nere at lest a metre apart an this thing still had heaps of body we could not see. Now weeks went. Buy with me trying to catch what we were calling big bad Barry lol from Peppa pig. Untill other day I started thinking how come I never see a fine on-top of fish an why was it so round. Omfg I been trying catch a bloody gigantic tree snakes nearly size of anaconder lmao but no bull %!@?. It was near the metal beige across from the toilets an park. Now ever time I see a ripel in the water I @*?$ myself lol

dazzling79 2 years ago

Oh....That sounds very interesting. Like a night dream and chasing it.

Mark Totzke 2 years ago

Maybe a croc?

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 2 years ago

Interesting...I have no idea what it could be

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Shaun McDonald 1 year ago

na it was deffenetly a anaconda I say lol, I went back out the other n ight an what happens a big black snake slitherd into the lake right next to me, it got to the point every time I seen the water repeal I would *?@$ my self as im glade my mate was with me as it deffenetly a story that sound like it full exsagerated but I swear on my kids an my own life the 1st snake we tried to pin against the bank was id say as round as a afl foot ball maybe a bit biger, I no longer fish at night down at the lake, I so want to catch it but it now scears the crap out off me

fkup99 1 year ago

You Aussies have some scary critters to deal with, for sure. Like about all we have are sharing a river with grizzlies in Alaska.