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Solunar Theory and ebb tides | Category: Help

akragulj 3 weeks ago

Hi, I just found it fishingreminder. Great fishing assistant.
I have a question.

This fishingreminder use Solunar Theory.

I have used, until now, calculations tides and ebb tides.
Best fishing time is usually about the maximum tide.

The best fishing time on fishingreminder does not match with best fishing time if I used calculations tides and ebb tides.

How can this be reconciled?


itsaboat 3 weeks ago

Hi Andrej,

Welcome to Fishing Reminder

Fishing Reminder uses more than just ebb and flow (in and out going tides). Ebb is when the water is going out and flow is when it is coming in.

Keep a diary and compare FR to the ebb and flow.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !