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landbase winter fishing | Category: Help

noelfish 9 months ago

hi I have fishrd locally through tasman bay for quite a few years and enjoyed what she offers from boat. I am now caring for my 84 years young (he says) vision impaired Dad looking for somewhere to launch drone and or minature kontiki, carrying 3 hooks on drone and 6 on mini kontiki. Mobility is fair but not to far on rough. Would be greatfull for any sugestions.


Mark Totzke 9 months ago

Hey noelfish,

whereabouts in tasman bay do you want to fish?
Rabbit island looks to be a good spot to launch a kontiki.
For drone fishing you'd have to go a bit further away from Nelson due to airport restrictions.
I think rabbit island is a no fly zone.
Kina beach could also be a good spot for sending out a drone or kontiki.

There a some pretty good places over at golden bay for drone and kontiki fishing.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
dazzling79 9 months ago


Loved to fish that area for snapper and kingfish in Summer.
I have had the same question for the winter fishing on the south island. It is harder to catch anything in winter from the shore.

Using Drone and Kontiki sounds promising in Rabbit island though! Good luck!

Please let us know how it goes.