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Influence of the weather | Category: Help

Alan Cardwell 5 months ago

Although retired, I’m a beginner when it comes to fishing.
Does Fishinreminder take account of weather conditions when predicting best times etc? If so, how does it predict for weeks ahead when the forecast is only for maybe 10 days or so?


itsaboat 5 months ago

The simple answer is no.

As you say weather cannot be predicated weeks in advance. On the main page is weather details including rain, wind, cloud etc and is a week in advance.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Alan Cardwell 5 months ago

Thanks for that. So do the major and minor times for the next week take the weather forecast into account, please?

Mark Totzke 5 months ago

Hi Alan,

All fishing times predictions are based on the Solunar times only and don't take the weather into account.
The weather needs to be cross checked manually on the site.
I've been looking for ways to include the weather into the predictions but I haven't found any economical way to do so yet.
But it's on my mind. For now the predicted fishing times assume that the weather is ideal during the times.

So if we got a 4 star day and a major time is at 8am but it's pouring down rain or there is a gale blowing through then it's probably not the best time to go fishing 😀

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Alan Cardwell 5 months ago

That’s very clear - many thanks.