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I am a beginner | Category: Help

fixyphilip 10 years ago

I am new in fishing (stand up with fishing rode), i go to pier and use shrimp(tale and shell on white shrimp )/mealworm, anchovy,etc as bait. But so far no luck not even a small fish i couldnt get. But there were so many other people got different size of fish. I watch some of the youtube viedeos 'how to use the fishing rodes and hook the bate. not sure what is the problem.can somebody help me ? i spent atleast 4-5 hours . I use tie weight all the way to the bottom, then on top then about 5 inch above i tied the hook with bait. I am very much interested in fishing . please somebody help me.

james4634 10 years ago

try a different spot try some places out off your normal place and try some burly or put some fish blood in the water to and try some river fishing as will good luck

james4634 10 years ago

try a new place like river fishing and go on charters its fun

DannyPalomar 10 years ago

Hey man dont get disscouraged! Sometimes you catch fish sometimes you dont. You gotta appreciate just getting out and being in the elements too ya know?
First things first: Know what species of fish you have around your area and what you want to target.

Research what kind of tackle you will need. for example, a light whippy rod? or a sturdy trolling rod for hauling bigger fish. If you get a combo the reel that is has on it will already match it so dont worry too much about it. Make sure you have the right line weights and leader weights and hook size is important to what size fish your going to catch as well - live bait, chunk bait, worm hooks, there are tons!

Find out the most productive way of catching these fish. For some fish , lets just say Spanish Mackerel. if there was one lure I would choose for a whole day fishing for them it would be a silver spoon because the brightness and flash is what attracts these fish.

Good luck, TIGHLINES!

bobfarabaughjr 9 years ago

I agree with Danny about learning the fish species in the area. That way you can tailor your technique to the fish you are targeting. Additionally; you could try to ask some of the other anglers around what seems to work for them. I would you explain that you are just a beginner and want to learn more about the sport. I know that when I am asked by others; especially when I have seen them struggling I have no problem giving them a helpful tip. Finally get a little cheap notebook and keep a log of what you do and what does or doesn't work. Since I started doing this I have noticed that while my fish quantity may not have raised my quality has. Most importantly you should strive to always learn more about the species of fish that you wish to target. You can never know everything.