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how to interpret the chart? | Category: Help

patrickhntan 9 years ago

please correct me if i'm wrong, are the times indicated in "major time" column mean the water level is high(many fish)? how bout the column "minor time"?

thanks in advance!

markt 9 years ago

Hi Patrick

The major and minor times correspond to the moon position rather then water level.
This is explained in the Solunar Theory.

Basically the major times are around the period when the moon is either overhead or underfoot. Minor Times are around moonrise and moonset.

Fishing is generally a bit better at major times but this depends on you location and other factors such as weather, currents etc. You'll have to try and test which works best for you.

Because the tides follow the moon cycle it is quite possible that high and low tides sometimes correspond with the major or minor times.

Hope that helps

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patrickhntan 9 years ago

thank you sir markt. now its crystal clear