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Mixed Bag | Category: Fishing Reports

PDS 3 years ago

Recent fishing afternoon at Windang did not produce anything of any size but plenty of variety:
Flathead, baby Snapper, Yellow-Finned Bream, Wrasse and Sand Whiting.

An earlier time spent there produced something similar:
Flathead, Australian Salmon, Blackfish (Luderick), Silver Bream and Sand Whiting.

Seems amazing to get all these species in one session.

itsaboat 3 years ago


Welcome to Fishing Reminder

I grew up around that area. I take it that you are not a local to the Illawarra ? Your mixed bag seems pretty normal to me. Were you fishing the lake?

I have seen (and caught) just about everything from toad fish to sharks in the lake. I even heard a report of a great white seen swimming under the bridge a few years ago. It was just a small juvenile of about 4 or 5 foot.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
PDS 3 years ago

Hi itsaboat,
Have been in the area now for a couple of years, and am only now getting time to wet a line.
Previously lived in Victoria where I focused on freshwater fly fishing. Hoping to do some of that
around here too but it will probably have to be in the saltwater.

itsaboat 3 years ago

Yeah, there is not a lot of fresh water.

Believe it or not, Coomaditchy Lagoon has fish...I know because I have caught fish there Little to no over hangs, so might be good for fly fishing...Just don't eat any of them. The tip is on the other side. So the water is probably not the best.

Kangaroo Valley is worth a try. Don't take the Berry turn off...go through to Nowra. At the first roundabout at Bomaderry turn right and just follow that road and you will get to Kangaroo Valley. Ask any shop owner or local to point you towards Bendella.

There are some smaller creeks around Jamberoo. Go via Albion Park not Kiama.

Along the Illawarra Hwy heading towards the hills, on your right is Macquarie Rivulet. It is all private farm land, but most of the owners will be happy for you to fish there. You just might have to walk a bit to find the holes....Oh, and knock on the door and ask the owner first

Back south...The Shoalhaven River becomes fresh at a bit east of Burrier. At Burrier it is considered "brackish" but really, I have never tasted salt there. Burrier also has a caravan park with boat ramp. There is another caravan park further on (which is better). Just treat the give way and stop signs with respect.

There are plenty of spots on top of the hill. Bowral, Moss Vale etc...but not this time of year unless you like ice...

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
PDS 3 years ago

Hi itsaboat,
Thank you very much for all this detailed information about local freshwater options.
I really appreciate the effort you have gone to on my behalf.
Now to explore some of them!

tuppo2491 2 years ago

Windang Beach ......

In the post was always good spot to spin for Tailor, nearly year round.
However of late years one cannot leave a vehicle unattended as the thugs will trash it take out anything of value.
Is the case at so many locations, Mystiques, Minnamurra, Blue Hole, Norah head.
Sad, but a sign of the times !