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The Solunar Clock Must be Broken | Category: Fishing Reports

itsaboat 2 years ago

Started fishing 1 hour after the Major and left the beach about 1 hour before the Minor...On a ONE star day

Landed 3 and dropped one. The one that got away was about the same size as the large one in the pic...maybe a little bigger.

Same deal. 10 foot Ugly Stik with a Shimano 4500 Baitrunner. Loaded with pink 20lb test Platypus mono with double gang hooks. Half pilchard for bait.

Not bad for a 1 star day right in the middle of the Major and Minor

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Mark Totzke 2 years ago

jeez - you're on fire at the moment. well done. Did you decide to remove yourself from the pictures?

I also went out this morning and got another nice trout on the 3rd cast. I went at the beginning of the minor time though.
Some other guys arrived a bit later and started fishing after the bite time was over and got nothing.

I guess in your case, it must be the t-shirt bringing you all this luck

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 2 years ago


I am the Fonz of fishing I just snap my fingers and say "hey" and the fish jump on the hook...haha. Pretty happy for a 1 star day.

When I got there, I tried what looked like a good spot. But after 15 minutes a smaller gutter about 70 meters up the beach looked better. They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but in this case it was !!

I will be a happy man if I can fill the Engel before I leave Lake Bunga.

Yeah, I thought with me NOT in the T-Shirt, it might give you a chance to at least try and make yours look good haha

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !