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wrong location for email reminders | Category: Fishing Reports

Trahan 2 years ago

Your email still says Fontenot instead of Fenton, La. I've changed it on the page, please change it on the email because I don't know which you are reporting on.

itsaboat 2 years ago

So you have both Fontenot and Fenton listed in your Manage Locations list, correct?

Locations will only appear in the email drop down list, if they are first selected as a location on the map.

How did you get Fontenot listed as a location? Did you search on the map or search by name?

Both Google and FR are not able to find any place called Fontenot.

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Mark Totzke 2 years ago

yep, it's like itsaboat said.

after you change your location on the front page, you need to click on 'Email Reminders' (right next to 'manage locations') and then choose your new location for email reminders as well. Otherwise you'll still get email reminders for your old location.

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