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Weather window on home page | Category: Fishing Reports

Red Rider 2 years ago

I'm new to fishing reminder so forgive my ignorance.
I'm looking at the current weather window and it shows a current temperature of 64 F. Today, at the location I have set the temperature for most of the day has been in the 90's. Currently it's 86 F.
Why the difference?
BTW... for most of the day we have had a 5-10 mph wind. The weather window shows "no wind".

Mark Totzke 2 years ago

Hi Red Rider,

welcome to fishingreminder.

Sounds almost as if you have the wrong location.
Either that or the weather forecast didn't update properly.

What is the name of the location on the home page up top next to the home icon?
We can check and compare with another weather forecast.


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Red Rider 2 years ago

Location I'm using is "Oak Knoll, Wisconsin".

I was using the map on the site to drag the location balloon to the lakes in the town of Mukwonago, Wis but when releasing the "location balloon" it gives me Oak Knoll, Wisconsin. I believe Oak Knoll is a street somewhere in Mukwonago.

itsaboat 2 years ago

Oak Knoll is a suburb of sorts within Mukwonago -

Apparently, they call it a "populated place" whatever that means

So, that area probably only has one weather station. So all reports for that area will be the same.

Weather can differ greatly over very short distance. Depending on lots of things, trees, buildings, large body of water, hills etc, etc can all change the weather.

Beach fishers know this well. A gentle breeze a few streets away, could mean gale force like winds on the beach, for example.

Just use Oak Knoll as a guide and you should be able to quickly learn what to expect at the actual spot you want to fish.

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