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New member spin fisher | Category: Fishing Reports

Spin king 8 months ago

Hi I'm a long time bait fisho who has just converted to spin fishing on soft plastics hard body's and baby vibe lures trying to learn the craft of targeting flathead and bream much patients to be learnt

Mark Totzke 8 months ago

welcome to FR!

Once you go lures you'll never go back
My favourites lures are currently those tungsten micro jigs.
They work really good for spin fishing and often outperform soft plastics

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
dazzling79 8 months ago

Welcome to FR:)! Hope to see you and your catches soon on this site!!

Spin king 8 months ago

Thnx m8 will look into them sounds like tha go

John Needham 8 months ago

Welcome. I've only ever done lure fishing so no idea which is more successful. Mind you I've only been fishing for around a year so i've still loads to learn. Good luck with it.

Here fishy fishy, here fishy fishy...