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Fishing Report July 4, 2024 Ucluelet BC | Category: Fishing Reports

SalmonEye 2 weeks ago

Chinook Fishing
continues to be good though the fish have been moving spots which can make it a bit more challenging. The good news is that the spots are close to shore and not that far from each other. For about 2 weeks the bites were pretty consistently in the same areas but recently the fish are moving around and some spots can be really good and others really slow. 3" and 4" spoons are working well along with white hutchies in places where the squid are.
Coho Fishing
has been good in a couple of spots quite consistently. Sometimes Coho are being caught while Chinook fishing and sometimes you have to fish them after getting your Chinook.
Halibut Fishing
has been pretty consistent. Early morning has been most consistant though some days its good later as well. We are getting the Halibut from about 3-9 miles offshore.

Below are some halibut caught the last couple of days:

What is expected for the rest of July/August 2024?
Fishing for Chinook salmon should keep getting better as the summer roles along. August is generally considered peak time but July can be very good as well. That is why we have a guarantee for both July and August. We are expecting a Chinook run size we haven’t seen in a very long time during August.
Halibut should stay about the same (good) and Coho should as well (good).
Ucluelet is one of the tougher areas to learn but for those that have done it a while, it can be very rewarding.
When is the best time to come salmon fishing and halibut fishing?
For the best times to come fishing in Ucluelet you can check out
We start fishing in May and finish in later September. There can be very good fishing in May and early June, especially during the past few years.
If you are not sure where to go fish, you live on Vancouver Island, and you are willing travel, I wrote a blog post about the best places to catch salmon in BC and how Ucluelet compares.

Tight lines,
Sam Vandervalk
Salmon Eye Fishing Charters