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Red Drum | Category: Fishing Reports

ranger13_es 10 years ago

Hello all, the Bull Reds are up in the St. Johns river at the mouth of the west of Maypost shipyard in Jackson FL. We have been gettiing into them around the Dames Point bridge. The fish have been ranging from 35-45" and are a lot of fun. More to follow this weekend when I go back out.

ranger13_es 10 years ago

17th Oct 2010, fishing for Bull Red Drum's is still ok in the St.John's river. Two more boated today. The water temp is down 6 deg. from last weekend so it looks like the striper bit my be coming. More to follow next weekend.

markt 10 years ago

Hi ranger13_es - Thanks for the update, much appreciated.

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
kmjones9228 10 years ago

I am looking for information on Reds in the coastal waters of the Texas coast.
Hoping to go in the next few weeks.

Wild Bill 10 years ago

I have been fishing Bryan Beach in Freeport since 79 and this is a great time to catch bull reds from the beach or where the river meets the gulf. From west of san luis pass to bryan beach we are catching bull reds right now. I have several posts on the web and pics on my facebook page (william r powell). We catch live croaker and whiting with dead shrimp or an artificial bait called fishbites then use the big live fish whole or cut for the reds.

Good Luck!!

Wild Bill
Santa Fe, Texas

DannyPalomar 10 years ago

D*** Bill! Helluva Red you got there! Im just now researching the beach fishing. I wanna fish the surf along some of the beaches here in FL for giant reds and just learned of cut bait for them and cant wait to use this technique.

What would you say is a good egg sinker weight for these? 2oz? and is a stout 5/0 hook sufficient for this fish pictured? What size chunk bait would you use for a Red of this caliber

Thanks for any advice, I tend to notice alot of TX fishing is alot like FL fishing.

- Danny