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Catfishing around Lima Ohio | Category: Catfish

rogerglick 9 years ago

Is there any good fishing around Lima ohio

Capt. Larry 9 years ago

Welcome to the forum Roger. I've never had the chanch to fish in Ohio. Maybe someone with some knowledge of your area will chime in. If not, just can come on down to Texas. Check out my web site.

[b]Capt. Larry Capt. Larry's Guide Service 972-743-0607 [/b][size=5][/size]
rogerglick 9 years ago

what is a good bait to use for channel cats and if i ever make it down that way i will look you guys up Mr. Capt. Larry thank you

Capt. Larry 9 years ago

There are lots of prepared baits that will work for channel cats. I like the fiber type punch baits like Danny King’s Blood Bait. With the fiber baits, using a pair of needle nose pliers, just push a treble hook in it, twist and pull out a baited hook. I don’t generally target channel cats but we still catch some when fishing for the blues. Bait of choice for the blues is fresh cut shad.
Good Luck and I hope you do get the chance to fish Texas.

[b]Capt. Larry Capt. Larry's Guide Service 972-743-0607 [/b][size=5][/size]