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james river cat fishn | Category: Catfish

fishnfool4u 8 years ago

does anyone have any suggestions on wether to fish with live eels or frozen shad...we are going after the 30 to 80 lb cat fish

Capt. Larry 8 years ago

If I had fresh shad I would bet on it.
Ether one should work.
Best bet is persistence.
Stay at it.

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johnno1491 8 years ago

Just wondering why would you want to catch catfish. Some people use them for crab pot bait but They are vermin afterall.????

randompilot 7 years ago

Hey bro, everybody has to have a job and catfish are extremely tasty if you know how to cook them and which to keep.

johnno1491 7 years ago

Well I`ll be, Couldnt imagine eating one but where do people fish for them to earn a living? Are they like the european carp here which are declared noxiuos pest but are caught to make fertilizer?