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Great Pee Dee River Catfish | Category: Catfish

dreams00 5 years ago

Last Sunday which would be June 14th 2015 I had a really great day fishing because I manage to catch a 15lb Blue Catfish on my rod and reel (Zebco 88. I decided to try to use some eel which really smells bad. The river was low and it was hot, but when you use Mechanicsville Landing there are rocks visible from the landing which means if you can see them you can't go upstream. It is a great place to tie your boat and get out and cool off. It was a very hot day around 99 degrees and heat index was much higher than that. I am the only woman who has her own boat (war eagle 15' to 16' with Yamaha 40hp with a P17 propeller). I enjoy fishing for the big fish such as catfish, but I don't like to clean and cook them. I will clean and cook brim ect. I can clean and cook catfish which I did once. I usually catch some big ones and just give it to my neighbors who love to clean and cook them. From what I have researched this was 2 days before the new moon (just a fyi if you follow up on moon phases). Now for some other bait I use are catalpa worms, crawl fish, minnows and red worms. I have to admit fishing is my favorite things to do. It really lets you have peace and quite time and to get away from everyday worries and enjoy the environment.

markt 5 years ago

hey dream00

thanks for your report. 15lb catfish sounds like a lot of fun to catch.
I'm the same like you. I prefer smaller fish for cleaning and eating and usually release bigger ones.
Also I find that the smaller sizes taste better. But nothing beats the thrill of catching big fish

happy fishing

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