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Catfish spawning | Category: Catfish

MyRadar 2 years ago

What happened to the to the spawn this year? It’s late here it in June and the fish are full of eggs or are they in a second go around If someon knows please reply.

Thank You

Timthebream 2 years ago

I blame the government

Seriously I don't know.

Do you eat catfish over there?

I practice fillet and release
itsaboat 2 years ago

Come on mate...we all know it is caused by global cooling

Actually, jokes aside, catfish are very good eating. Very oily which just means lots of omega3. But you don't get any oily taste...yeah it is good.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Timthebream 2 years ago

I catch my share but let them go.

Mate from Texas loves them with a passion.

He told me soak the fillets in vinegar overnight to get rid the toxins?

I prefer my bream but no doubt catfish are a hell of a fish to fight

I practice fillet and release
MyRadar 2 years ago

Yea they taste pretty good I am 56 yrs old and been eating them all my life and as for me I would take a catfish anytime over a store bought stake. Cool , clean, running water is the key. Well I have to go Good Fishing fellow fisherman nice to hear from a fellow fisherman out of the United States Of America