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catfishin | Category: Catfish

Terry1 9 years ago

went out out fishin today , about 11:00 A.M., did some bass fishing did so-so. Caught 7 around a pound or so and thought they would be keepers at that size. Looked close to the bank and lo and behold the was a s\choll of Large catfish!!! looking around for bait, didnt find any, cleaned the bass and used the entrails(guts) had SUPER FUN catchin 10 pounder channel cats, 2 that broke my line, 1 I dont think he even reallized he was hooked, i started realing him in, he started to turn toward me, went back the other way, flip his tail and snap went the line. The line is either 15 or 20 lbs test. Anyway had Loads of fun. this was on a private 4 acre neighbors pond. point of all this is use head guts of bass bluegill or any other fish if run out of store bought bait!!!!

Terry1 9 years ago

oops. sorry this went to the wrong board. it was SUPPOSED to go to catfish board. leave it or move it. umm there is no preview button. sorry for the over eager last statement.

markt 9 years ago

not a problem - moved the topic to the catfishing category.
Thanks for the tips in your last post.

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jonboat315 7 years ago

cut up sunfish is our normal catfish bait. we run single or double dropper rigs with 5/0 to 8/0 circle hooks with bank sinkers sized depending on current. need enough weight to hold bottom with tight lines. Best part is you get to fish for your bait before fishing for the cats.

booyah 7 years ago

B) First time I caught a large cat on the Colorado river we were told to
use the carcass of the doves and quail we had hunted earlier in the day.
We always threw em away and just kept the breast meat. On the Arizona side
of the river an old indian told me "don't throw that away, put it on big hook leave in river, you catch big fish" He was right! we caught two fish overnight both cats and one was 11 lbs and the other was 14lbs. We used feathers and all! I do believe the fish don't mind the feathers they just come in to the smell. Very effective technique!