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catfish bait | Category: Catfish

Terry1 9 years ago

so i was bass fishin and nothing hit nor looking at the baits i was tossing in prime spots. decided to go a'cattin'. grabbed my bigger pole and my new bait to test it. baited up one pole with a float and one on the bottom, and sat and sat and sat. still nothing. just when i was about to give THAT up, the bobber started dancing. so i snatched it up and gave it a pull and at first thought,, i said "turtle", but lo and behold it was a fair battle with about a 7 pound channel. ok that so far so good my new bait seems to be working. the one onthe bottom. not nairy a bump. rebaited the floater and waited and waited, not so long for the float to start dancing. again i slammed the hook, this time i landed about a 10 pound channel. still nothing on bottom line. strange but left it sitting. rebaited the floater and had a few "tasters" but nothing solid. but thats ok, at least i found my new bait works. the new bait i am talking about is peanut butter, i mixed it with corn starch to stiffen it up and make it hold on the hook better, but it WORKED for catching 'em. by the way, that was a mighty tastey dinner. good luck to the rest of you. B)

Capt. Larry 9 years ago

Sounds like you may be on to something. You may want to play with the idea of adding other things to the peanut butter, maybe some garlic?

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Outdoorsman 9 years ago

My father uses peanut butter and prunes, mixes in some oats then dips the prunes in. I thought he was loosing his mind but I guess the old timers still got a few tricks up his sleeve. Before the hour was up he was catching fish. Who would have ever thought you could catch fish on peanut butter and prunes lol

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tomgibbs 9 years ago

Our local lakes are stocked from June through August with catfish. I'm going to try your peanut butter and corn starch mix. Questions: Did you use one of those treble hooks with the springs - typically used for dough baits? How long of a leader between your hook and bobber? Thanksabunch!

allenmonteith 6 years ago

i use chicken soaked overnight in cherry cool-aid works great for me