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Welcome to Hunting Camp | Category: Hunting Camp

jonboat315 7 years ago

Pull a chair up by the fire and share your hunting stories!

A hunting board on a fishing forum. Why?

Well realizing that we have members here from across the globe, and knowing that here in the US, many fishermen are also hunters, I suggested a hunting board.

I live in Upstate New York, not ever to be confused with New York City. The village I live in has a population that fluctuates somewhere between 500 and 600 people.

We are blessed with many bodies of water to fish (lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds), but once old-man Winter starts making his presence known, we're pretty much done fishing until spring.

Many of us fill our off-season from fishing, with hunting. We have a strong population of whitetail deer, wild turkey, cottontail rabbits ruffed grouse, gray squirrels, ducks and Canada geese that are abundant and tasty.

So we hunt until fishing season, then fish until hunting season - it works out quite nicely.

So, I asked for this board so that those of us that hunt can share with each other, and also let those that do not have hunting available, live vicariously through our shared tales and photos.

With all of that said, again, I wish you a warm welcome!