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How do I hook up a live frog for casting in the lake in Malaysia? | Category: Hunting Camp

Lim 3 years ago

Please help me on the above topic.

itsaboat 3 years ago

Hi Lim,

Welcome to Fishingreminder

What sort of fish are you trying to catch?

Have you tried a soft plastic frog? I have seen some soft plastic frogs that look very good.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Lim 3 years ago

Hi, This fish is known as the Snakehead or Haruan as it is known in
Malaysia and Singapore. I have tried plastics and they are all useless.
Can you guys show me with diagrams how to hook up a live .to
prepare the frog for casting in the lake.


Lim 3 years ago

Hi Bentong,
Thanks for the info. Are there other methods which I can apply, apart
from the one you suggested. Please indicate by pictures or sketches.

Regards, Ken

osceola assassin 3 years ago

This may be a bit late, but if you have access to orthodontic rubber bands for braces they work great on lizards, frogs, small iguanas etc... We use them here in South Florida on Snake Heads and Peacock Bass. Put your live bait hook point up long way to the back of the frog and slip the rubber band snug over both. If its too loose or too tight just use the appropriate size rubber band.